HACONA V Type Industrial Vacuum & Sealing Machine

Modular. Industrial. Unique technology.

This innovative system comprises a single vacuum sealing unit with five interchangeable sealing bar widths - 420, 620, 820, 1020 and 1320 mm.

Modular Sealing Bag (MSB) technology is an innovation developed by Hacona Packaging which enables the sealing bar width to be changed within two minutes. All temperature, time and closing pressure settings automatically adjust to compensate for the change in width!

The V-type industrial vacuum sealing machine utilizes vacuum nozzle technology which enables a combination of air extraction and gas filling of variable bag sizes.

Advantage of vacuum nozzle technology:

The huge advantage compared with vacuum chamber technology is that:

The vacuum nozzle technology has no bag size restrictions, other than the sealing bar width

Very fast working cycle

Small space requirement

Low energy consumption

8 mm wide bi-active sealing (upper & lower) for a high quality industrial seal

Sealable materials:



PET / paper / PE

PET / Aluminum / PE

Other laminated materials with a sealable inside layer

Standard machine features:

Electrical foot pedal to start automatic working cycle

Choice of automatic or manual working cycle

Bi-Active (upper and lower) sealing

Integrated vacuum ejector for generating vacuum

Vacuum filter

Pneumatic air filter for air in feed

Emergency stop / main switch

Multi level safety system

8 mm industrial seal

Max. film thickness to be sealed 1200 micron

Double nozzle model

Vacuum + gas

Adjustable working cycles

Seal only

Vacuum + seal

Gas + seal

Vacuum + gas + seal

Vacuum + gas + vacuum + seal

All working cycles can be adjusted and saved in the program

Advantages of the machine:

Vacuum level can be adjusted by pressure (kPa) through the integrated vacuum sensor or by time (time unit: 0.1 sec.)

Vacuum and gas cycles can be repeated several times after in succession, with vacuum levels, gas levels and time separately adjustable

5.7” LCD Touch Display control unit

User-friendly menu system

Multiple level safety system for high operational safety

Two digital counters (1. absolute cycle counter, 2. working cycle counter (can be reset))

Sealing bars are operated electro pneumatically

Very high sealing pressure

Wide nozzle model

for fast vacuum (and gas as option)

The V-type sealer with wide nozzle and external vacuum pump is recommended when fast cycle times are required or a large volume of air has to be extracted. It is possible to connect other vacuum pumps with a flow rate of 5–500 m3/hour to the system.


The Bag Sealer roll conveyor can be equipped with V or VI model

VI-Model Industrial vacuum sealer

The VI industrial vacuum sealer has same basic features as the V model, but is fabricated from stainless steel.

Specifically designed for following industries:

Food industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Chemical industry



Sealing parameters can be validated

Extra insulation for dusty environments

Can be connected to a centralized extraction system if used in a sterile environment

Lockable multi level safety system (the LCD control unit can be locked with passwords (example: operator level, maintenance level, master level)

Height adjustable frame and working table

Technical data

Seal length: 

Seal width: 

Max. sealable film width: 

IP classification: 

Electrical connection: 

Electrical power: 

Machine size:

Machine weight:

Machine body finish: 

V és VI

420–1320 mm (depending on sealing bar width)

8 mm

400–1300 mm (depending on sealing bar width)

IP 42

230 V, 50/60 Hz

1800–2500 W

550x550x260 mm (machine with 420 sealing bars)

1460x550x260 mm (machine with 1320 sealing bars)

36–54 kg

V – powder coated finish

VI – polished stainless steel