HACONA B Type Industrial Big Bag Vacuum Sealing Machine

Revolutionary new technology. Powerful. Flexible. Efficient.

Revolutional unique technical solution! One type of machine can be equipped with 5 different size of sealing bars, 820, 1020, 1320, 2220 and 2620 mm.

Sealable materials:



PET / paper / PE

PET / Aluminum / PE

Other laminated materials with a sealable inside layer

Adjustable working cycles:

Just sealing

Vacuum + sealing

Gas + sealing

Vacuum + gas + sealing

Vacuum + gas + vacuum + sealing

Any other combination which is required.

All working cycles can be adjusted and saved in the program.


1.) Sealing bar opening technology

100% fully visual working area

High operation safety

Very fast working cycle

Ergonomic working environment

2.) Independently from each other controllable vacuum and gas pipe with up to 2.000 mm stroke length

Application example:

Vacuum tube can be driven down to the top of the product or even into the product. The vacuum tube will not be blocked by the bag material (packaging liner). The maximum level of vacuum is 99.99%


Gas tube can be driven down to the bottom of the product to assure optimum gas flow and to achieve zero oxygen level at the end of the packaging cycle.

3.) Vacuum isolation

Optimum solution to assure very high level of vacuum isolation. A maximum level of 99.99% vacuum level can be achieved.

4.) Bag straightening unit with bag fixing clamps

Sealing will be free of creases.

Bag will remain always on right place.

Modular Sealing Bar Technology (MSB Technology)

Extremly easy maintenance

Flexible operation (sealing bars can be changed easily)

Complete sealing bar can be changed in app. 2 min.

Bi Active (double side) 8 mm industrial sealing

Sealable film thickness up to 1600 micron

Vacuum technology

Two types of vacuum system can be connected to the B – Series machines:

High capacity side chanel blowers

Very big volume of air can be vacuumed out of the bag within a short period of time.

Low vacuum level


Logistic, food industry, industrial industry

Vacuum pump

Deep vacuum level

Pump capacity can be choosen from 20 m3–500 m3/hour.



Food industry, tobacco, chemical industry, pharmaceutical

Advantages of the machine:

Vacuum level can be adjusted by pressure (kPa) or by time (time unit: 0.1 sec.).

The integrated vacuum sensor is detacting the vacuum level.

The vacuum and gas cycle can be repeated several times after each other.

Further the vacuum and gas level and time can be also adjusted separately.

5.7” LCD Touch Display control unit

User friendly menu system

Multiple level safety system for high operation safety

Two digital counters (1. absolute cycle counter, 2. working cycle counter – can be reseted –)

Sealing bars are operated electro pneumaticly and work with very high sealing pressure

Technical data

Sealing length: 

Sealing width: 

Max. sealable film width: 

Working height: 

IP classification: 

Electrical connection: 

Electrical power: 

Pneumatic air: 

Machine size:

Machine weight:

Machine body finish: 

Vacuum pump: 

Gas connection: 

B – Series

820–2620 (different for each sealing bar)

8 mm

800–2600 mm (different for each sealing bar)

700–2000 mm from floor level (has to be specified)

IP 42

3 x 400 V, 16 A (3P+N+E) 50 Hz

max. 3 kW

min. 8 bar

1600 x 2850 x 3700 mm (machine with 2620 sealing bars)

1600 x 2250 x 3700 mm (without sealing bars)

app. 1240 kg (depending on sealing bar length and vacuum system)

Powder coated finish gray and orange color

Customer choice

Customer choice