TKM 600 SRW Automatic Tray Sealers-1

TKM 600 SRW Automatic Tray Sealers

TKM 600 SRW is a model for industry. Completely made of stainless steel. The mold and aluminum parts are eloxal coated. Values ​​can be monitored numerically and graphically with the touch operator panel and any action can be done easily. The pneumatic system is controlled by sensors on the machine ​​and operator is directed by warning message on display. The machine has printed film, non- printed film options and photocell system. Easy to replace mold system provides low mold cost effectiveness, unlimited mold choice and high performance.


– Line type solution on without vacuum tray sealing
– Automatic-manual and by step by step options
– Automatic filling and magazine can be integrated into feed band.
– Labeling, scale, metal detectors etc. can be integrated into discharge band.
– 10 ınch Touch screen operator panell.
– Values ​​are monitored numerically and graphically
– User-friendly with automatic operation counter and other safety and warning sensors
– As the machine speed is controlled, it can be easily integrated to other systems and the machine can be adjusted for different speeds.
– Possibility of only welding and cutting by one-touch
– Photocell unit to use printed film.
– Stainless steel body of quality 304
– Eloxal coated aluminum parts
– Teflon-coated mold system
– Automatic film adjustment and waste film discharge system
– More mold cost effective and easy mold replacement with the mold system special to us
– Completely cuts the film around the plate and does not need extra labor
– Easy to clean and hygienic equipment
– Time saving with pneumatic and quick mold system
– Energy saving with automatic temperature control system
– Very easy to transport by stainless steel wheels.
– 1 years warranty
– CE certificate.


Installed power: 400V 50 Hz 40 A R.S.T.N.PE
Energy consumption: 1.5 kW
Air pressure: max. 6 bar
Air consumption: 4.5lt cycle
Capacity/min :10-16 process
Machine dimensions: L=1880mmx900mm x1300+500mm
Max. mold dimensions: 470x310mm standard
Weight net/packaged: 400 kg, except the pump
Max. plate depth: 120 mm
Max. film width: 470 mm
Min. film thickness: 40 mic
InFeed beld: 1000 mm
Discharge band: 300 mm
Maximum film weight: 16 kg